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Just Don’t Quit! A Message from Ty Woods, Business and Relationship Coach

In a world where relationships are often tested and tried, I'd like to share my invaluable insights on what makes my marriage with Chris Alpha-Knocks Woods not just work, but thrive.

When asked what makes our marriage work, I firmly believe in the principle of taking divorce off the table from the very beginning. It sets the stage for a heartfelt and candid discussion about the dynamics of a successful marriage.

In my view, marriage is like a mirror, reflecting truths we might prefer to avoid about ourselves. For a marriage to thrive, it should be rooted in genuine friendship, trust, transparency, honesty, and respect. I hope that, like ours, your marriage is built on the foundation of true friendship.

I've come to realize that emotions, if solely relied upon, can lead us down uncertain paths. I'll be honest; if I had followed my feelings, our marriage might not have made it past year two. This realization emphasizes the importance of the commitment to working through challenges and making a conscious choice to keep moving forward.

My admiration for my husband, Chris, shines through as I describe him as my best friend, life partner, and business collaborator. I've noticed that people often shy away from putting in the necessary work to make a relationship thrive. But I firmly believe that marriage, like anything worth having, takes WORK. In our journey, we've embraced counseling, attended couples retreats, read marriage books, and participated in Bible studies – all crucial components of "doing the WORK."

But I won't stop at discussing just marital relationships; I want to extend this message to all aspects of life. I encourage you to reflect on your own commitments, whether it's to your health, business, or self-improvement. What is the 'marriage' in your life that you want to give up on?

My central message revolves around the idea that giving up should never be an option. The reason why most things don't work in people's lives is because they make GIVING UP AN OPTION! I urge you to stay dedicated to your pursuits, to "STICK WITH IT and YOU WILL see a change!" The key is persistence and unwavering commitment to achieving your goals, whether in your relationships, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, nurturing your business, or practicing self-care.

I want to leave you with this resounding message: "JUST DON'T QUIT!" With unwavering determination and persistence, we can find success in all aspects of life, just as my husband and I have found in our enduring and thriving marriage.

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