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I know a lot about a lot of things...

So here we go. My name is Ty Woods. I am a serial entrepreneur. I have successfully AND unsuccessfully launched about 11 companies now and well, here's another one! But this one, I'm REALLY good at. I start businesses, so I can definitely show you how to start one. I write grants. So I can definitely show you how to write grants. I raise money...well, I am not sure if I can show you how to raise money, but I can try to teach you the principals I use in fundraising and maybe you can apply some of the same principals. Nevertheless, I have a really cool story. I use to be homeless. Yep, in 1999, I was actually a homeless youth in Covenant House California, shelter for teens and young adults. It's where I got my first business idea. After I won my first grant, I launched...I FAILED MISERABLY! Went back to college, got my MBA, and launched again while in school. Raised a ton of money and SOLD THE COMPANY! I was their success story! That's when I realized, I was GOOD AT THIS. Fast forward to 2022, I've raised millions over the years and I am just getting started!

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