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Grants of the Month - March 2023

It is my job to find those business grants that you won't normally find on your own. Here are a few grants you should apply to:

For Restaurant/Hospitality Owners

Application Deadline: March 31, 2023

The  Bartender Emergency Assistance Program provides immediate financial assistance for those in the hospitality industry who encounter temporary, emergent, financial hardship due to unforeseen and/or catastrophic life events such as an accident, acute medical diagnosis, or localized wind, water, earth, or fire-related natural disasters. The Program is accepting applications with medical complications associated with a COVID-19 diagnosis requiring further (more intense) medical treatment.

Application Deadline: none

Target Population: Black/African Americans

Another Round Another Rally issues emergency aid to hospitality workers facing unanticipated hardships and reimbursement grants and immersive educational scholarships that further the education of historically excluded voices in the community.

For Professional Entertainers

For entertainment technology professionals who are seriously ill or injured and are seeking assistance with basic living expenses (such as rent or mortgage, property taxes, utilities, insurance and transportation) or for medical expenses (including health insurance, doctor and hospital bills, medication, physical therapy, home health care, and medical equipment.This grant is also appropriate if the eligible person has an immediate, dependent family member who is seriously ill or injured.

Grants is not an easy task, but our office not only find them, applies to them, and WIN THEM!!! Millions of dollars won so far and YOU COULD BE NEXT!

Purchase one of our Grant Packages starting at $597!

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