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Don’t you just LOVE February Grants?! ❤️

I'm sure you're here to find out where to go to apply for grants this month, right? Well, before I️ give you links to go to, let me give you the first rule to being a Grantwriter:

Rule #1 Not every grant is for you to apply to. Grant maker's has goals and grant objectives. If they want to fund pet companies, you shouldn't waste your time if you have an environmental protection business. The reason why I win so much grant money is because I'm methodical during the grant research period. And I ALWAYS READ THE GRANT GUIDANCE IN FULL BEFORE APPLYING!

Grants with an * is an IAmTyWoods EXCLUSIVE! This means you probably won't see this grant opportunity on many published lists out there. If only a few people know about, your odds of winning it is much higher!

Now for the list of grants you've been waiting for:

Open for any business or idea

Grants for Black-Owned Businesses

  1. Cititrends - Citi Trends is acknowledging Black entrepreneurs that are making history in their community today. Our goal is to help advance and further the businesses of Black entrepreneurs. Deadline Feb 28th. Apply here:

  2. FedEx Small Business- There’s no other business like yours. Get ready to share all the details about what sets your business apart from the competition and why you deserve to be one of the 10 grand prize winners. Deadline Feb 21st. Apply here:

For 501c3 Nonprofit Businesses

  1. *Alkek Foundation - serving the community only applicable in certain states. Apply through the Lettet of Intent first.

  2. *Bank of America Philanthropy Database- enter your program type and the area you serve and dozens of private foundations will come up. Some of these go unfunded because no one applied!

Stay tuned for next month's grant selections. Don't want to wait, purchase the full grant database with THOUSANDS of grants with lifetime access for only $99! 😮 That's right a $699 database for only $99 for a limited time.

Go to to purchase the Grants database.

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