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August Business Grant Tips

By following these tips and investing time in thorough research, your nonprofit can increase its chances of finding the right foundation grants that will provide the essential resources needed to drive your mission forward. Remember, grant-seeking is a strategic endeavor that requires persistence, patience, and a deep commitment to your organization's cause. Good luck on your journey to securing vital foundation support!

For nonprofits, securing grant funding from foundations is often a crucial step towards achieving their mission and making a positive impact. Foundations generously provide financial support to organizations that align with their goals and values. However, with countless nonprofits seeking grants, the competition can be fierce. To help you navigate this landscape effectively, we've compiled a list of tips on how and where to find the right foundation grants for your nonprofit.

1. Define Your Mission and Goals: Before embarking on your grant search, ensure that your nonprofit's mission, goals, and programs are well-defined. Having a clear understanding of your organization's purpose will enable you to pinpoint grants that align with your cause. We show you how to do it in our Masterclasses.

2. Research Relevant Foundations: Start by identifying foundations that share a mission or focus area similar to your nonprofit's. Research foundation websites, review their mission statements, and explore their previous grant recipients to gauge compatibility.

3. Utilize Grant Databases: Grant databases such as Foundation Directory Online, GrantStation, and Candid's 990 Finder can be valuable resources for identifying potential grants. These platforms allow you to search for grants based on your nonprofit's location, focus area, and other criteria. There are many grant databases, but my favorite is and The first one is a paid membership, the other is free.

4. Leverage Foundation Websites: Visit the websites of foundations that interest you. They often provide detailed information about their grant programs, application guidelines, eligibility criteria, and deadlines. Familiarize yourself with their priorities to tailor your proposal accordingly.

5. Subscribe to Newsletters and Updates: Sign up for newsletters, email alerts, and updates from foundations relevant to your nonprofit's cause. These communications can provide insights into new grant opportunities, changes in guidelines, and upcoming application deadlines.

6. Attend Grant Webinars and Workshops: Many foundations host webinars, workshops, and informational sessions to help nonprofits understand their application process and priorities. These events can also offer networking opportunities with foundation representatives.

7. Engage in Relationship Building: Building relationships with foundation representatives can be highly beneficial. Attend networking events, conferences, and philanthropic gatherings to connect with potential funders and learn more about their grant programs.

8. Identify Local Foundations: Consider researching local community foundations or family foundations that focus on supporting nonprofits within a specific geographic area. These foundations often have a vested interest in the well-being of their community.

9. Review Grant History: Look into the history of grants awarded by foundations. This can give you an idea of the types of projects they fund and the impact they aim to achieve. Crafting your proposal to align with their past giving patterns can enhance your chances of success.

10. Network with Peers: Collaborate and network with fellow nonprofit professionals to exchange insights and recommendations on foundation grants. Peer organizations may share valuable information about grants they have successfully secured.

11. Tailor Your Proposal: Once you've identified potential foundations, thoroughly review their grant guidelines and tailor your proposal to align with their priorities. Be sure to clearly articulate how your nonprofit's work resonates with the foundation's mission.

12. Seek Expert Advice: If grant writing is not your organization's strength, consider seeking assistance from grant professionals, consultants, or writers who specialize in nonprofit funding applications. We have Grant packages on sale in the store!

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