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1st Thursdays Grantwriting Workshop August 3, 2023 7pm

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Get the Grant Judge BUNDLE for only $97 which includes:  

✅ Nonprofit Foundational Checklist  

✅ How to write a Letter of Intent  

✅ Writing a compelling Executive Summary  

✅ Research for your Statement of Need  

✅ Program Strategies  

✅ How to create Measurements and Outcomes  

✅ How to create a Program Evaluation (template provided)  

✅ How to create a program budget 

✅ View a Sample WINNING Grant Proposal  

VIP Admission only $997!!!

VIP includes everything in General Admission 

PLUS we will CUSTOMIZE a Grant Package FOR YOU! (Value $2,000)

PLUS we will apply for a 1 grant using the customized Grant template we created for you (Value $597)

PLUS you will get a 1 hr of one-on-one consulting session with Ty Woods or someone from her team to review your Grant Package


✅ ✅ BONUS: Access to a List of 25+ current Grant opportunities so that you can continue to apply for grants in the future ($97 value)

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